Full length Rasta, Reggae, Jamaica old school movies and documentaries

Here is some serious Reggae history both documentaries and movies.

Updated 20/1-2014 (Have patience please if a video now and then is not playable. Babylon keeps shutting them down).


Heartland Reggae

Beats of the heart - Reggae documentary 1977


The Harder They Come


Reggae. The Story Of Jamaican Music (2002)

The Bob Marley Story (2001 full version)

Bob Marley,Dennis Brown, Peter Tosh, Jacob Miller- One Love Peace Concert

BBC Reggae britannia

Reggae at the BBC


Unfortunately sometimes Babylon make it impossible to view Rockers full movie sometimes so here it is chopped up if they caught the link above. If they are a big tree we are a small axe… Bless!


Reggae on the River

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About Rasta teacher

The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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10 Responses to Full length Rasta, Reggae, Jamaica old school movies and documentaries

  1. marleyrkives says:

    Reblogged this on Midnight Raver and commented:
    Please visit my friend RastaTeacher’s blog to view full-length reggae roots and culture documentaries and films including Rockers, Heartland Reggae, History of Jamaican Music, and many more. Not to be missed!

  2. Jahrocker says:

    Yes my friend, teach dem!

    • We can only bring out the seed already planted

    • Rodolfo says:

      I thin Rasta needs to be replaced with Trustafarian : white kids who preetnd to be poor black people from Jamaica until they graduate from college & their trust funds kick in. Then it will go back to just being about the music .

      • I think you know nothing about I.

        First I come from a working class family.mother one part of the world, father another part. English is my fourth language. I live in a country where the education was free and no one paid for my studies.Scholarships I have received to study in more than 4 countries, African and European. I earn next to nothing (because of a crippled body that does not let me work well) but still manage to take care of two refugge boys from east Africa.
        Two human beings. Two individuals I am not related to and I expect nothing in return except for their attending school to learn to read and make reason of what they read. To learn to read so that they can question what they read.

        I have passed through a war and lost family and friends. I have no richness in a bank account. I feel the great injustice in the world and know that I am blessed to live in a country where the little work I make I still can afford plane ticket when it is on discount. That is more than most hard working honest people of the world can do. that is because life is not fair. A country rich in some sense but poor in others just like any country poor is rich in its own way. I KNOW ABOUT THE UNFAIRNESS OF THE WORLD and I combat it every day, but cannot take responsibility for the geographical location I was born. Life is no joke and I know it, unfortunately too well. I will not put up photos of where I stay (which happen to be in people homes. People that are friendly (many Rastas) that take me into their home (in many African countries. And I return by letting anyone I have met stay for as long as they want in my home (a home that changes place constantly since I do not own neither house nor apartment.

        Rasta is being kind. It is fighting all injustice with what ever means you can.
        It is like the video with Sizzla- on the reggae history page – giving some of your fruit to a youth trying to steal it moments before. It is treating animals as well as mother nature with respect as well as other people. It is not about dreads although it is a great expression of nature. Many kids these day don’t know this. For them Reggae is smoking weed. I am sorry but I believe in the good of rasta. Who is you to put judgment of I without knowing who I am? Ras Ia of the Igbo (in Nigeria if you wonder) people, bongo dread and University professor was the one to lead I to rasta some 15 years ago – even though I met the music at age 5.
        I don’t pretend to be Jamaican or any nationalaity or such. Let me quote Bob Marley on that matter

        “On why he chose an “outsider,” American Al Anderson, to play lead guitar, instead of a Jamaican, he was particularly scathing: “We really not deal with people in categories like if you come from Jamaica you have the right. Regardless of where on earth you are you have the right. I can’t deal with the passport thing. To me him prove himself not an outsider, because if him can play with us then him no outsider.”

        So are you the one dealing with people in categories? This talk about white trying to be black. How is black? Are you saying all black people everywhere on earth are exactly the same? Are you saying that a poor child who has white skin living in a poor yard in Jamaica or elswehere is not poor because of the skin color? Who is trying to be black? and how can one try to be skin color as you say it?
        ( Listen to the third video below about rasta reasoning 3:20 into the clip and you will see or hear if you are ready to hear)

        If you mean to talk about I you should know I am a man older than the honorable Nesta Marley was when passing away. I am neither black nor white. I am I. I am heart and action.

        I don’t categorize. To I, a human being is a human being no matter what color, place born or such.

        The world is right now in great outequity! Hate, greed and envy the rule of man and woman.

        I will share my last piece of bred without hesitation. I have been there but feel no need to trow that part of mi life in the public. I know enough to know that I have seen too much. And I know that I know not a thing still. I know I try everyday to balance the evil of Babylon with as much love as possible.

        So “don’t belittle my authority … I am that I am … I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and neither are you here to live up to mine”

        And my expectation is that people help each other, don’t be greedy or egoistic and don’t be blinded by the outside of man or woman.

        I don’t say that I teach rasta. I don’t pretend to be nothing but Iself. I am a teacher that is what I love, and I try to educate my students in school to not blindly follow rules and to question the shitstem we live in. But no one is really a teacher or no one can teach. We can only awaken the predisposition seed planted in all man and woman to grow.To make another world possible. And I happen to like rasta reasoning therefore I take the name teacher and rasta.
        Any question?

        About music let’s hear what Mr. Marley say:

        Someone asks him what is more important, the words or the music. “Sometime the music,” he says. “Sometime I can dig music, I can dig instrumental music. But lyrics important. Well, I want to tell you the whole thing complete is the important thing.”

        Another questioner asks him what about the people who like the music and don’t listen to the words.

        “People who listen to the music and don’t listen to the words soon start listening to the words,” he says. “Let them hear the music first. But as long as you want to listen, you might hear the words, mebbe not unnerstand everything.

        Reggae for I is not about the music. It is about the words and the music. On this blog I just want to show that the music has spread from a little Island to the rest of the world. Soon also the words will shine trough. I personally listen to much reggae not on here yet. Many of this music is just to show the spread of reggae music. I try to mix it in with the music that have words to be heard. Words of consciousness. For those that are ready to hear will hear!

        Other will just pass judgment without hearing a single word.

        Some will dance and not hear and some reggae today have no word to be heard!

        I guess you missed the the documentary “Life and debt” above. There are some words to be heard if you are ready to hear

        what is a trust fund anyway?

        Here is some reasoning for your ear to hear:

        perfect love!

  3. rastafariuprising says:

    Reblogged this on Rastafari Uprising.

  4. zionyant says:

    Nice reply Rasta Teacher, you get way too many Jamaican’s and pseudo Rasta’s talking about colour, “The greedy white man” and we all know about history and the bad that has been done and i as a white man and not proud of my ancestors history but is was not only whites but all colours involved in slavery, but as Selassie I said “Until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, there will be war” which Rastafari has to take SERIOUSLY, until you stop looking at a mans skin colour then you’ll always have war and hate and yet everyday i still see the Rastaman talking about “Look at the white man…” need to stop… not all Rasta but i still see a lot of them doing it which is sending out a bad message and very contradictory. You have GOOD + BAD people thats it, you can never categorize a race or colour as BAD or GREEDY thats just wrong and not true, you have good white people and good black people, you also get good rasta and bad rasta…. true and fake…. Too many people too quick to cast judgement, take time to look at what your brothers are doing with their actions as this speaks louder than anything they look like or their bank, but by the way as someone living in the west everyman need a bank account to live here and that don;t mean u got money, some still see UK, US as streets paved with gold!! a crazy notion!…. U know i attended a Rasta reasoning not so long ago in a Jamaican diaspora community and i was sad, the reasoning turn into fighting almost, lotsa blood claat dis and dat, white man dis and that, and the whole debate went round in circles sadly, it was sad for me to watch and this was a meetin of several rasta groups from different houses in the area. It took me as the only white man in the room to stand and quote Selassie I to cool it down and try to bring some reason to what was going on…although some of the guys where speaking the truth but others arguing against this. You don’t haffe dread to be rasta, Rasta is heartical not how you look…. it’s time people learn to trust in fellow human beings regardless of race, past, history, as long as you continue holding that grudge against a race there will always be war/trouble.
    It’s true you get alot of White wanna be rasta’s or fashion dreads as they are called i am not one but i know more about Rastafari, Reggae and Jamaica than many Rasta’s and also have a great deal of respect for Rastafari for what it stands for but there are good and bad in all walks of life, not all dreads with hair to their feet are righteous and thats a thing people need to look past too…. some of the most righteous do wear long locks but looks are deceiving my brother… take each person as they come, take off your blinkers and don’t look at the colour, their brand of shoes or their bank account, people cannot choose where they a born but those who are lucky enough to be born in a western country who are pure hearted are usually very grateful for what they have and do good with what they got… There is a lot of contradiction in this world even amongst those who you think to be the most righteous. Actions speak louder than words, negativity get u no where, love your brothers as yourself, forgive those who are bad for what they do not know… seen… BLESSED LOVE

    • remember words are powerful and should be used sparsely and with caution so we don’t judge.

      “Race is an illegitimate concept which ourselves has created based on fear and ignorance”
      - We are all equal regardless of our shape, color, gender, abilities etc. Human is the only thing there is: One people, one heart, one love!

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