Royal Messenjah – Gambia

The time has come to present Royal Messenjah from Gambia. He comes from a musical family with ancient music traditions. His parants are griot (for those who don’t know, the griots of West Africa were the ones that held history like libraries. But insted of putting the information in books the griots made songs about the historical happenings of kings and queen and important happenings. They passed the songs on to the next generation so that the knowledge they have today has come from ancient times. The songs were not changed but things was added as new history and world affairs came about. It could take half a lifetime to master the songs. The women griot often perform at name giving ceremonies and such…) Sorry about my rambling on about the griots but you do have to respect them.

The artists name is privately Ali Gaye and he grew up with music as his mother is a griot singer and his father a Senegalese griot drummer playing various West African Sabar drums like the Djembe, the Nder, the Mbombong or Mbeng mbeng, the Gorong talmbat and the Xiin.

With that background he ultimately came into contact with the reggae music of Buju Banton and Sizzla and many others and soon started producing his own reggae.

His own music  is inspired by trying to spread positive messages about love and unity and here are some samples from his debut album.

I Cry


Signs of the times


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Dub Akom / France

Many times we go to see our favorite reggae artists perform live. This post is a recognition of all backing bands worldwide who makes a tremendous job but almost never get credit for it. The artists performance can many times be either enhanced or demised by the band backing them up. The times I have seen Dub Akom back up artists as Jah Mason they have made a tremendous job. The band consist of several talnted musicians and a really good female base player. Check out their Dub Akom Myspace page. or


Dub Akom is not only a great live band but they have also produced many riddims on which good reggae musicians (Jah Mason, Lutan Fyah, Pressure to name  a few) have made their tunes. Click the link below for the dates for the upcoming tour with Jah Mason; Etana and other artists

or listen to some samples on their Youtube page

Newest Dub Akom Riddim 2014

Here is also two of their older riddims

and some live performances

Bless and keep up the good work

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Jah Mason – Reggae portrait / Jamaica

It is time to present one of the best serious conscious reggae musicians of modern times. Jah Mason lives up to his name buy building, brick by brick, tune by tune a better world where peace, love and consciousness reigns. He gives hope in time of need, comfort,  joy and energy if you are down and praise to the most high Jah Rastafari at all times. He is the mason of positivity!

I would like to give special respect to all farmers,  hard working women and men all over the globe striving each day to stay alive. May you find the strenght to push through your hardships.

Perfect love!

Mr. Government (Sensimillionaire Riddim)

This is the latest singles from Jah Mason 2012 in case you don’t manage to read the whole post! Just take a look at some videos.

Continue reading for discography, biography and 30 video music history from now until the debut album 2002, or visit the Official Original Jah Mason facebook page


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Raging Fyah / Jamaica

It is time to present a relatively new roots reggae group composed of talented musicians from six different parishes in  Jamaica. “Raging Fyah (MySpace) is one of the most talented and dynamic groups ever to hit the Jamaican music scene. Divinely united in 2006, six stunning musicians- Anthony Watson, Courtland White, Demar Gayle, Delroy Hamilton, Kumar Bent and Mahlon Moving – set out to rekindle a flame of positivity in the music industry. Though their versatility enables them to play all genres of music, most of their songs – influenced by passion, purpose and life experiences- assume a roots rock reggae flavour. They write their own songs and ensure that every word touches the soul of the listener, uplifting and motivating people from all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds”. … The Band is committed to changing the world, note by note, melody by melody- spreading light in areas of darkness, … Continue reading here

Apart from making their own music they also have started the Ranging Fyah Production making riddims for other musicians to sing on (see the bottom clip of this post)

Show your support and Like them on facebook Raging Fyah or buy their Judgment Day album on itunes

They recently released Judgement Day, and here is the 11-track album title track:

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Fyah Walk / Australia

How about some new roots from Down under. Fyah Walk is an Australian band from Byron Bay, Australia. They have been active since 2007 if I am not mistaken. Lyrics do question the world order and I would say this is modern roots music concerned with the injustices in the world.

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John Holt – (reggae portrait) / Jamaica

Time for some serious reggae legend. John Holt is  one of the classics from Jamaica. Holt’s style, notably slower and more romantic than most of his contemporaries, is a recognisable forerunner of the lovers rock sub-genre. If you have read my reggae her/history post you will see that Holt almost passes through all reggae genres: Rocksteady, roots reggae, dub, ragga and lover’s rock.

Even though he made his first production some 50 years ago Mr. Holt is still going strong as can be seen on this 2009 clip:

Not bad for a man who started his career in 1958!

Holt was born in Kingston in 1947. By the age of 12, he was a regular entrant in talent contests run at Jamaican theatres by Vere Johns.[1] He recorded his first single in 1963 with “I Cried a Tear” for record producer Leslie Kong, and also recorded duets with Alton Ellis.[1] He achieved prominence in his home country as lead singer of The Paragons and they cut a succession of singles for Duke Reid at his Treasure Isle Studio and enjoyed a string of hits, including “Ali Baba”, “Tonight”, “I See Your Face”, and the Holt penned “The Tide Is High” . “Wear You To The Ball” was another of his hits with The Paragons, and hit the charts again when U-Roy added a Deejay verse to it. During his time with the Paragons, he also recorded solo material for Studio One (including “Fancy Make-up”, “A Love I Can Feel“, “Let’s Build Our Dreams”, and “OK Fred”) and Prince Buster (“Oh Girl”, and “My Heart Is Gone”).[1]

1960s as part of the group the Paragons 

Holt left the Paragons in 1970 and concentrated on his solo career. By the early 1970s, he was one of the biggest stars of reggae, and his “Stick By Me” was the biggest selling Jamaican record of 1972, one of a number of records recorded with producer Bunny Lee.[1]

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DynamQ – Sudan / Kenya / USA

Dynamq is a Sudaneese born reggae artist that lived quite some time in Kenya and now also the US.

“There is a stereotype about reggae musicians being smokers of weed and wearers of dreadlocks. I’m out to change this,” he says. Read more in the interview here: or visit his MySpace.

This tune is one of the favorite spinning on my stereo lately:

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Dub Colossus / Ethiopia

Now here is some of my favorite music from Ethiopia. I just bought both the albums on a trip there this month.

The first album in a Town Called Addis was inspired by meeting, writing and working with Ethiopian singers and musicians in Addis Ababa in August 2006. The collaboration between Dub Colossus and these amazing musicians covers Azmari and traditional styles as well as the popular singing styles of the 60s and 70s. (

“Singer Sintayehu ‘Mimi’ Zenebe is known as “the Edith Piaf” of Ethiopian song and owns the Doku Club in Addis, a venue devoted to traditional Azmari music. Fellow singer, Tsedenia Gebremarkos, is a well-known and respected performer and radio presenter, and winner of a Kora award as the best female singer in East Africa in 2004.

Master saxophonist, Feleke Hailu, is also a classical composer, lecturer and Head of Music at the Yared Music School. He is part of a dynastic tradition that stretches back far beyond the classic hits his father arranged for the Ethiopiques series’s legend Mahmoud Ahmed.

Extraordinary pianist Samuel Yirga is an exciting new discovery – a young prodigy of classical and ethiojazz and student at the Yared Music School.

They are joined by Teremage Woretaw who, with his plaintive voice and messenqo (one-string fiddle), is a youthful carrier of the ancient Azmari tradition.”

Read more at:

If you have Spotify here is the link to both albums Dub Colossus

UPDATE FEBRUARY 2012 The new Dub Colossus album is available on Spotify (available in  27 countries):

Dub Colossus – Dub Me Tender Vol 1 + 2

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Mo’ Kalamity / Cabo Verde – France

It is time to present a beautiful woman with a sweet voice from Cape Verdean origins  but based in France.. Mo’ Kalamity has released two albums (warriors of light 2007 and deeper revolution 2009) with her band the Wizards and is a relatively new reggae artist.

The message is strictly conscious roots taking a stand against the hardness attitude in the world today!

Read more about her in this interview or on her homepage. Peace!

Why not support her and by a tune or two on itunes:

And a video portrait which is especially nice if you speak French 😉

I am with you sister and fellow living being. Another world is possible.

Perfect Love!

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OneChot / Venezuela

Juan David Chacón or Onechot (homepage) MySpace, is a reggae artist (also a member of the band Negus Nagast) with a dedication to spreading messages of peace.

“On the night of Monday, February 27, 2012, on returning to pick up some of his recorded material, Onechot was attacked by a group of criminals who shot him, wounding him in the head. Tuesday was meant to see the artist begin his national tour of his new album, however, due to the incident he has been in intensive care following surgery to remove the bullet from his brain.

Onechot recorded a video called Rotten Town, denouncing the violence in Venezuela. The lyrics of his music describes the situation:

Let me introduce you to Caracas, embassy of hell, land of murderers and shottas. Hundred people die every week, we nuh live in war, country is full of freaks

In 2011 alone 19,000 people were killed in Venezuela, a country that has 28 million inhabitants and is not currently facing a war on drugs such as in Mexico or an armed conflict currently affecting Colombia. In 2008, Venezuela had one of the highest homicide rates in the world and the situation has not improved. This is the crisis that Onechot reported on in his video that at the time was criticised by the Venezuelan Government” Read more here

Have patience or jump one minute into the video. This will make you think!

Rotten town

Please visit his homepage for more music, lyrics and much more

and a tune together vid Fidel Nadal (see separate post)

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Tarrus Riley live concert pics

This gallery contains 33 photos.

“And if we all should close our eyes we would never recognize the difference between the touch of a black or a white hand” ———– Tarrus Riley and Dean Fraser live in Vasteras 2012 click photos for a larger view … Continue reading

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Джа Дивижн (Jah Divizion) / Russia

Jah Divizion is a reggae suggestion from Dionysius which helps us to add Russia to the world of reggae.

Note: (not to be confused with Jah Division – the sound system from the Slovak Republic)

Jah Division (Jah Divizion) is a Russian reggae band started in 1989, when they started writing reggae songs that are still legendary in Russia. The first production appeared in 1991 and with that they were the first reggae band in Russia to  introduce the concept of Rasta ideology. Gerbert/Herbert Morales (son of a Russian noblewoman and a Cuban revolutionary  companion of Che Guevara) founded the Rastafari movement in Russia and is a living symbol of freedom in Russia! Thanks to the Jah Division Movement reggae music is alive and growing in Russia today.

(My Russian is really bad so I could have misinterpreted some things – Check out the original text on Jah Divizions webpage)

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Inword / Marky Lyrical – Canada

The following is a reggae suggestion from Riddim Wise Sound

Keep Canada conscious!

(Whole album)

“Mark Mahoney was born in the town of London, Ontario in Canada. From a young age, he showed a strong passion for music and the arts. Continue reading

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Peter Tosh Celebrations Concert Thurs, Oct 18


Thursday, October 18 at the Pulse Center, Studio 38, Kingston, JA. beginning at 8pm.

Celebrations planned to mark a number of milestones in the Peter Tosh legacy, will be highlighted by a star studded concert on Thursday, October 18 at the Pulse Center, Studio 38, beginning at 8pm. The celebrations consist firstly of the posthumous award of the Order of Merit to Tosh this National Heroes Day, October 15, followed by a private reception in his honour immediately after the ceremony. They then culminate with the concert on October 18, which event will flow into his birthday celebrations at midnight, October 19.

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2000 Tons of TNT / USA

Here is a reggae suggestion from Mike Inumerable. An interesting take on old school reggae fused with lots of organs and rhythm from other music genres.

“From the musical underground of San Diego, CA comes 2000 Tons of TNT. Borrowing its name from an early reggae staple by the G.G. All-Stars, the group interprets the rhythms of late 60’s and early 70’s Jamaica and Britain through a North American lens. Their raw take on vintage reggae is fused with garage, psychedelic rock, and soul on their debut album Reggae Mysteria, self-released in July 2012.”

You can listen to the entire album below, just skip to next song. The songs are different so you might want to listen trough the album


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Reggae Playlists on Spotify

People can access Spotify for free with ads or for a small charge (for mobiles and ad free) in  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Norway, United Kingdom and Finland. (MORE COUNTRIES WILL COME

The good thing about Spotify is that they will pay the artist/record label a penny every time their song is played. Also a good way to find new artists so that we can buy their music at concerts we go to or on their webpages. Support the artists!!!


Stand up and fight, Never give up ( Mostly Reggae)

Gammal hederlig Reggae (Old school Reggae)

LOVE songs, broken, true, stolen…all REGGAE of course (More than 350 tracks 22 hours)

All reggae until 2010 from roots to dancehall

Rasta Rebel Revolutionary

Reggae in your face

Enough is enough (Reggae) World gone crazy

Conscious reggae

One world, One people, One heart, One Love (Reggae)

Roots Reggae Modern and Old

Positive – Musik med niceness och glädje!

Modern Roots Reggae

Babylon fall

Rasta music


Who, What, When, Why…?

Mother Earth

Reggae gems found 2012

Reggae gems found 2011

Jah Mason  (272 individual songs – okt 2012)


Lutan Fyah (360 tracks/songs)

Tiken Jah Fakoly

Alpha Blondy

Queen Ifrica

Richie Spice

Here are also some African music playlists on Spotify:

Africa, west, east and south (soft)

Africa 2000 on the move (All styles 55 countries music explosion )

Beautiful Africa (Soft, soft, soft) (55 countries)

Hip Hop Africa (one continent – 55 counties)

Africa Reggae (one continent 55 countries)

Africa Blues (Mostly Mali region)

Senegambia (Mostly Mbalax)

Africa/Europe dance (Two continents many countries)

East Africa

Tiken Jah Fakoly

Alpha Blondy

Africa (whole albums)

you can also go directly to my Spotify profile for all my playlists.


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King David / Trinidad and Tobago

“Don’t call him a reggae artist and don’t say he sings “local reggae” music. David “King David” Nieves says he is an artist who makes music without boundaries. When T+T’s reggae industry gained popularity, around 2005, King David was one of the more recognised voices. From his love song to the women, Candle in the Wind, to his social commentary, Life, it seemed his voice would be a constant presence. He described the reggae for which he was known as a roller-coaster ride, one which is about to hit one of those up periods. Nieves says the rise of reggae is being signalled by the release of the Shatta Glass Riddim, which features his song Patriot. The singer stopped by the Guardian for an interview shortly after the track’s release and had a lot to say. Read more:

Say what you want, he makes some conscious reggae tunes of which the summit is one of I favourite!

The summit


Check out his his MySpace for more dancehall style tunes

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KingILabash – USA / Grenada

Here is a reggae suggestion from KingILabash studios:


To read about KingILabash in the studios own humble words click continue:

Continue reading

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