Ras Cricket / Sweden (with translation)

Ras Cricket got known by his song “Polisen Slår” (The Police are beating” and yes, unfortunately we have discrimination and police brutality in Sweden as in many other countries). This is sometimes refuted by the majority of Swedes, but hey are not the ones usually suffering from this. Here is Polisen slår:

Polisen slår The police are beating (The lyrics -My translation)

(Ref) There is a group in or country that can shoot or beat you my friend, without any penalty awaiting them, well we call them the police. It’s time to change the situation. Everyone knows what is going on, but the ones in power turn a blind eye. They say they don’t see. They don’t want to do anything because it doesn’t happen to them. Corrupt state power in Babylon

When they appear you are supposed to feel safe, but when they appear I have to watch my back! Can’t trust the ones that guard babylon with weapons. Can’t trust the ones that keep the violence going. I know how they lie and I know how they work. I know what happens if you protest. They arrest and harass. I am one of those they don’t respect.

(Ref as on top)

Too many times I have seen them beat. I tell you, too many times , too many years

They attack those that no longer stand, harass those who already feel bad. Many say that not all cops are like that, but what do you call the ones who just stand by and watch when his partner starts to beat? When the partner starts to beat and they do nothing. Isn’t that person as bad as the one who beats? No responsibility, no conscience. This problem can no longer be ignored. People on the street can no longer be harassed. Tell me why they arrest the ganja man: Stop now. Something must be done. We have to protest, again and again my friend.

This one goes out to all in our country that have felt the hard hand of the law. Said, this one is for all my brethren and sisters, politicians and all blind ministers.

(Ref again)

Once and for all we have to put an end to this. The injustice has to go away now. To long they have been able to rampage freely, too long they have been protecting each other. Gothenburg 2001 was the worst I have seen. The cops beat us up and by the ones in power they were freed. Göran Persson (The Swedish prime minister) saluted them and gave them flowers while I saw on TV the images of what was going on. It ticked me off. After that a long debate full with bullshit where everyone felt sorry for Mr. Blue.

No one was there but everyone had an opinion. You give them the right to beat. They hide behind their badge of honor when they have each other’s backs. They lie in court and blame the other party. But if I do the same it is perjury my friend that can lead to imprisonment or a fine. Is that what you call equal rights? Come on!

There is a group in or country that can shoot or beat you my friend, without any penalty awaiting them. Well we call them the police. It’s time to change the situation.

The Police part 3:

“Nothing has changed, they keep rampaging, lying and fighting”

Nuff Killing

Here is Ras Cricket´s official homepage. Here you can download my music for free and also find information about upcoming live shows and other news.

About US police by a US police



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