Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars / Sierra Leone

Sierra Leones Refugee All Stars started playing music together in West African refugee camps while their homeland was being racked by years of bloody warfare. Since then, audiences around the world have embraced the band and their utterly extraordinary story.

On their album, Rise & Shine, the All Stars sound, as well as their biography, evolves further; the music finds them establishing an identity based as much on skill, imagination and charisma as on their undeniably touching story (The Los Angeles Times). Cumbancha released the album on March 23, 2010. For a better presentation of the band and its members check out the documentary clip at the end of this post.

They have a new album to be released in march 2012. to read about it click here


Here you can listen to the whole album, including the tune Global Threat, track nr 2 (my favorite which you can’t find on youtube) and track 4 Living stone (great tune)


Or this DJ version for 5 USD



My favorite song Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars – Global Threat is not on youtube so listen to it above where you get a preview of the whole album.

For those of you with Spotify (available in  Sweden, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Norway, UK, Finland), here is the link to their albums Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars

Download a free track “Living Stone” from Rise & Shine
Or check them out on itunes here



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2 Responses to Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars / Sierra Leone

  1. xandimusic says:

    love them very much! And of course, it was you, who suggested me them 🙂

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