Gondwana / Chile

There is one song I keep coming back to again and again and it always lifts me up. The tune is called “Aire de Jah” = Air of Jah and it is made by the Chilean band Gondwana. (Read more in English below)

Era tiempo de introducir al mundo de reggae música de Latinoamerica. Se que hay un montón de reggae bueno y espero k me avisen de más grupos en “reggae suggestions” arriba. Allí me pueden sugerir reggae de tú  país y lo voy a publicar aquí en mi blog para k lo conozca todo el mundo. Gracias por compartir.

Gondwana es sin duda uno de mis grupos preferidos, sobro tode en concierto. Tuve la opportunidad de verles en vivo en Estocolmo el año pasado y tengo k desir k MC Jona me sorprendio con su fuerza y energía en el escenario.

“GONDWANA, es sin dudas, la banda más sólida, prestigiosa y convocante del Mundo Hispano. Con un constante movimiento por todo el Continente, con actuaciones vibrantes a tablero vuelo en cada ciudad que se presenta, y con un repertorio a prueba de balas, el grupo chileno más internacional continúa con aún más energía cada día.

Formado en Chile en 1987″, … continuen leer en la página oficial de Gondwana

” Like fellow Latino reggae acts King Chango and The Toyes, there is a certain amount of Latin edge to Gondwana’s music (particularly in their prevalent horns and up-tempo rhythms), but there is no doubt that they are grounded in a sincere, unswerving devotion to roots reggae”… Continue reading here

Here is my favorite tune Aire de jah

Here is a small translation:

“This pollution will kill me if I don’t breethe tha air of JAH. 

And my heart will feel it if my heartbeats are not of love” 

And here is Me Veras – a new favorite of mine from the Album Gondwana – Revolucion

Revolución from the album revolución

Ghetto Sur – Revolución

El Beso Que Da una Rosa

If you have the chance to go to a concert (preferably open air) you will not be dissapointed. The singer MC Jonas brings 110% energy to the stage and if you happen to be surrounded by Chilean fans there is no one that can’t sing along. This band has been playing reggae for a couple of decades now and they are still going strong. I can suggest all their albums except the one called Made in Jamaica which was not so good. There is much more feeling in their tunes sung in Spanish!

Just some interesting info. Gondwana is the name of the land mass that covered the southern part of the earth when the continents were still attatched to each other, that is Antarctica, South America, Madagascar, Africa, The Arabic peninsula, India and the Australian continent!

Listen to he following albums on Spotify (available in  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Norway, United Kingdom and Finland) for free and a small sum goes to the artist every time you listen.

Gondwana – Gondwana en vivo en Buenos Aires from a live concert

Gondwana – Revolucion new and nice album

Gondwana – Resiliente


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The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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