Vila i frid lilla fågel och vän

On monday I lost a very dear little friend

a bundle of joy and smiles


you would have turned five


the pink cake was

already prepared

My heart was shattered


thinking about

your big eyes

looking out the door mail slot


your little voice calling my name

every time I passed by


reassembles it


I will do my best to be

as loving

and happy

as you were

Hala we miss you and we love you

Comfort (14 february)
The day after Hala’s passing away her family told me about when they had to explain to her that she was leaving. First she did not want to go to heaven but stay with her family here. She asked if they have dolls in heaven and even though they do, she still did not want to go.
After some time on sunday when she understood that her body could not make it much longer she said that she would go, but she also said:
I will come and visit you.
How? we asked
When you hear the birds sing outside
please open the window
it is I

This afternoon after we laid you to rest

i came back

and birds were singing

in the snow covered landscape.

Bee free little bird,

we love you


About Rasta teacher

The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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8 Responses to Vila i frid lilla fågel och vän

  1. oh gosh…tears coming down mi face..
    i am sorry for your loss. Jah bless my brother.

  2. offdadome says:

    so sad but at least now she is at peace,

    Repect Rasta

  3. EmpressMajah says:

    Three little birds make me think of Bilbo…and now of Hala ❤

  4. marleyrkives says:

    Ugh, just drove a dagger into my heart. This world is filled with so much pain and suffering. She has to deal with it no more.

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