Hornsman Coyote / Serbia

I first saw this great trombone player fronting for Jah Mason. Now he has passed to adding vocals to his tunes. Hornsman (Nemanja Kojic) was born 36 years ago in Serbia (at that time Yugoslavia) and his father Borivoje was a famous artist making sculptures. He plays various instruments in different music genres.

Hornsman has been playing music for almost two decades and has played with numerous bands in  both in the Balkans (Del Arno Bend) as well as the rest of the world. in 1994 he took part in forming the band Eyesburn which plays  a sort of hardcore reggae (I’ll put in a sample on the bottom of this post). Personally I like his Dub best and the magnificent trombone playing.

Here is a small update (december 2012 – from Balkan Music Box Agency) with a new collaboration between Hornsman Coyote and Jah Mason (JAM)

Check out more info here or visit Hornsman’s Myspace or facebook where you will find cooperation tunes with Max Romeo and other great reggae legends like this one:

Perfect love brate!

Hornsman Trombone Dub

A compilation sample of the Brass Roots album

Hornsman vocalist

Tribute to his father

Hornsman Coyote on Spotify (available in  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Norway, United Kingdom and Finland) for free and a small sum goes to the artist every time you listen.

Eyesburn 1990’s


About Rasta teacher

The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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2 Responses to Hornsman Coyote / Serbia

  1. Nemanja Kojic says:

    Give thanx,King,for this nice presentation.blessed love

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