Norrisman / Jamaica


“Born and raised in the notorious Trenchtown and Arnett Gardens area of Kingston Jamaica, Christopher Campbell, now known as Norris Man had Bob Marley as a hometown hero to inspire his immersion in the musical arena.

As a young boy Norris Man (known because of his enthusiasm for karate king Chuck Norris) would sit under a tree to write his own songs of redemption. Feeling music within him, Norris could not ignore his gift to sing and perform in Kingston Ballrooms of his youth.  Older sound boys would hoist the ten-year old Norris on top of a Guinness box and give him the microphone to move up the dance. That experience lit the musical fire for this youth and his musical journey began.

When he matured, Norris Man showed up on sound systems in town with his unique toasting and singing style. By age 22 he began recording songs in some of Kingston’s most reputable recording studios such as Black Scorpio, Leggo and Celestial Sounds Studio. In mid-nineties, Norris found himself fully committed to his faith as a Rastafarian and he experienced a change in his consciousness to a higher spiritual and musical level. He created lyrical content that became more potent and socially more uplifting and more meaningful with this devotion “…continue reading here

With songs like “Persistence” and “Bad Road”, he made an impact on the Jamaican dancehall-scene.


With his song “Home & Away” from 2005, he received his first international hit and has since maintained a fairly low profile. That is what some say. He has though released at least three albums since then, Heat is On  and Know The Road andn the new album 2012 Modern Roots (available at the itunes store). He has recently also been performing in various European countries with great success.

Home and Away

Norris Man played on the Uppsala Reggae Festival (which due to Babylon downpression will not take place for the first time in 12 years). He won’t let that scare him and as Jah Mason did last week he is ready to show that reggae will never be stopped in Uppsala. Don’t miss the concert on Friday the 20th of April 2012.

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The next three tunes are my personal favorites.

They Don’t Know

People of Hope

We are the people of hope that pray for the children of hope. We are the human race yes that has traveled so far

Good People

We don’t need no war, fighting each other down, shooting your brother down. All we need to see is good people happy faces.  … if we keep on killing each other there is no future.

Righteous Medz

For You

Just for you (Hit Drop Riddim)

Hold Your Own

I Will Survive (One to one Riddim)

Know Jah Law (Police in Helicopter Riddim)

Rasta Glory

Power of Love

For more Norrisman check out this Norrisman Youtube playlist or on Spotify Norrisman 


About Rasta teacher

The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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3 Responses to Norrisman / Jamaica

  1. offdadome says:

    I loved him in the 90’s haven’t heard much since, thanks for posting. I still sing ‘Persistence’ to this day, such a powerful and motivating song. Blessings

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