Jah Mason – Reggae portrait / Jamaica

It is time to present one of the best serious conscious reggae musicians of modern times. Jah Mason lives up to his name buy building, brick by brick, tune by tune a better world where peace, love and consciousness reigns. He gives hope in time of need, comfort,  joy and energy if you are down and praise to the most high Jah Rastafari at all times. He is the mason of positivity!

I would like to give special respect to all farmers,  hard working women and men all over the globe striving each day to stay alive. May you find the strenght to push through your hardships.

Perfect love!

Mr. Government (Sensimillionaire Riddim)

This is the latest singles from Jah Mason 2012 in case you don’t manage to read the whole post! Just take a look at some videos.

Continue reading for discography, biography and 30 video music history from now until the debut album 2002, or visit the Official Original Jah Mason facebook page



with Meditative Sounds (click for their homepage or here for the gig in Uppsala)

As a live artist he is full of energy even when he take it down to the slow tunes there is power present. Check out the live video at the bottom of this post.


2001 Jah Mason, Steve Machete and Anthony B – Saddle To The East 

2002  Jah Mason – Keep Your Joy  and also 2002  Working So Hard

2003  Never Give Up and also 2003 Unlimited

2004 Most Royal and also 2004 Surprise Dem

2005 Rise

2006 Princess Gone… The Saga Bed and also 2006 Wheat And Tears

2007 Life Is Just A Journey

2008 No Matter The Time

2008 Turbulence & Anthony B & Jah Mason – The Pow Pow Triology

2010 Various Artists – Roots, Reality and Culture

2011 My Princess Gone compilation and also 2011   Keep Ya Head Up

2011 and finally a big compilation of Mason tunes called Jah Mason – The Journey (at Spotify, listen and buy)

Just click the name oft he Wheat and tears album 2006. It will take you to a site where you can listen to all the albums between 2003-2007and buy downloads or real album.

For both new and old albums check out Jah Mason itunes

Apart from these albums he has been making tunes on numerous riddims. I’ll do another post on those soon,


Andrae Johnson was born in the tribe Gad, in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica. As a child he adopted the pet name Perry Mason, due to his ability to pacify situations amongst peers in his neighborhood.

His career began under the guidance of reggae superstar Junior Reid, who produced and released Mason’s first song ..Selassie I Call We.., under the name Perry Mason.

Soon after him and his good friend Jah Cure linked with Capleton and David House, which later inspired him to change his name from Perry Mason to Jah Mason. From this point he began work for Jah as the Builder for Righteousness, vowing that every word he sang would be a brick laid for the house of Righteousness. His uplifting voice is an answer to the people’s cry for more positivity in Dancehall and Reggae music today…..

Touching many parts of the Caribbean, Europe, the U.K. and Japan, Jah Mason continues to utilize his talented voice worldwide read more at Jah Mason MySpace

“After hooking up with David House, who had successfully guided singer Capleton to international fame, this spiritual side of Mason began to flourish. In 1995 he became a member of the Rastafarian branch Bobo Ashanti, changed his performing name from Perry Mason to Jah Mason, and began recording conscious reggae where the message was as important as the music”. (read more at AllMusic.com)

Since then he has just kept going and hopefully will spread positive livity until I grow old.

Perfect love!

His music in chronological order from 2011 – 2001. Tt takes some time to listen to all but you’ll be well educated and strong afterwards!

Keep Ya Head up – 2011

When you wanna go forward, they try to keep us back. Obstacles inna we way we go over … Mi eat da fruits and that’s a natural fact. Be firm like Gibraltar rock!

Keep your head up as high as ever can be!

Tuff Down A Yard – 2011

No matter how hard I’m still gonna try…

Beautiful World -2011

“Beautiful, still we got ups and downs… don’t let them take your crown” 

Live as One – 2011

“Can we live as one, earth is where we’re from. if we do no wrong we’re free and strong”

“Like Bob Marley said, share some corn and porridge”

Love and Respect – 2011

“If there’s love and respect you’ll survive. So why fighting yourself, just be wise”

Jah Jah Calling – 2010

Man to Man – 2008

“One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor”

Love is the Answer – 2008

“I rather show love than to be destructive”

“it nicer than rice, it nicer than peas”

Ruff & Tuff – 2008

“Stay strong, life give us the opportunity
All we need togetherness and unity
Keep firm keep strong to the best of your ability

Even though it’s ruff and tuff, keep your faith and never give up”

Flag Flown High – 2008

“Where is the love Jah gave us to cherish”

No Matter The Time – 2008

“Gotta livicate this song to all my brothers and sisters out ther inna the world who Babylon captivate their souls and minds …

No matter the time, never let Babylon control your mind…

Bungarung you nah bug me…

Care for the elders and the little youthies….

Jah is yours and he is mine”

This Morning – 2008

One Step – 2007

“One step at a time, that’s how we’re gonna take it. Don’t fight your mind, you surely gonna make it”

Rejoice – 2007

“So much to give thanks for so much to say Jah has been so go along the way…

Vegetarian … straight forward, me nah go backwards”

Don’t Sell Your Soul – 2007

“I’m moving on I’ve got work to do, so much mouths to feed… I’m not giving up

Don’t sell your soul for material things

Jah is in control”

Ganja for life – 2007

My Princess Gone – 2006

Jah Mason – Get Along (Spotify) 2006

Mi Chalwa – 2006 (with lyrics)

Live & Love – 2006

“I’ll always share, small or big”

Farmer Man – 2006

Babylon is the one trying to poison us through the food we eat, so we got to be self sufficient, growing our own food” – Live at Bratislava

Too Late – 2005

Rumors of War – 2004

Red Gold and Green – 2004

Never Give Up – 2003

“Mi burn negativity .. I never lose my faith i keep my head up straight”

Nah Give Up -2002/2003

Vegetable Time – 2003

Lion Look – 2002

“We all are one, don’t treat me like no stranger”

“Mi crush wickedness with mi lion foot dem…”

Keep Your Joy – 2002

None Shall Escape – 2002

Dem Gone – 2001

I’ll leave you with a good live concert with Jah Mason from 2010 back by the very good band Dub Akom. (respect fi Mason and fi Davide and the rest of the band)

I could make this post 50 videos long but I’ll divide it and post love song’s and more up beat tunes later.

Perfect love!


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The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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7 Responses to Jah Mason – Reggae portrait / Jamaica

  1. EmpressMajah says:

    Great artist and a great portrait of him. Thanks 🙂

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  4. Cristie says:

    Came across this blog randomly and really found the reggae artist Jah Mason story inspiring. The one thing I love about reggae is most of the artist really promote joy and energy of the working men and women they are about equality and peace/love. Jah is no different and it was great reading his biography in this blog. I am new to the reggae listening scene but I respect it so much already. I first discovered great Reggae shows on RadioFlag.com. They have so many options to pick …. love the different options. I will check out Jahs music hopefully I’ll hear some of it on RadioFlag…. im sure I will 🙂

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