King David / Trinidad and Tobago

“Don’t call him a reggae artist and don’t say he sings “local reggae” music. David “King David” Nieves says he is an artist who makes music without boundaries. When T+T’s reggae industry gained popularity, around 2005, King David was one of the more recognised voices. From his love song to the women, Candle in the Wind, to his social commentary, Life, it seemed his voice would be a constant presence. He described the reggae for which he was known as a roller-coaster ride, one which is about to hit one of those up periods. Nieves says the rise of reggae is being signalled by the release of the Shatta Glass Riddim, which features his song Patriot. The singer stopped by the Guardian for an interview shortly after the track’s release and had a lot to say. Read more:

Say what you want, he makes some conscious reggae tunes of which the summit is one of I favourite!

The summit


Check out his his MySpace for more dancehall style tunes


About Rasta teacher

The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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One Response to King David / Trinidad and Tobago

  1. rootsnwingz says:

    Inspired singing about reality. Still so relevant as 2015 approaches…

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