KingILabash – USA / Grenada

Here is a reggae suggestion from KingILabash studios:


To read about KingILabash in the studios own humble words click continue:

“Hailing from St. George’s, Grenada, King Ilabash, has worked hard over the years to achieve recognition in the music industry and to earn the admiration and respect of fans and fellow musicians alike setting his own foundation as the Dancehall King.  With his smooth reggae vocals, down home attitude, and cross-genre musical style, King Ilabash displays a realness and originality that is all too rare in the world of reggae music.

This island boy is a triple threat: song writer, artist, and dj.  As a song writer, this lyrical genius doesn’t follow a specific songwriting formula or focus on one particular message or vibe.  Instead, each song reflects a different experience within the greater context of King’s story.  As an artist, his signature is a well choreographed vocal style that features smooth reggae verses, infectious melodic hooks and intricate soulful harmonies.  The King brings his own technique and personality to the stage with lyrics that touch on a wide variety of subjects in which his listeners can relate. As a dj, for over twelve years, King has the ability to move the masses. He has played at countless premier events throughout the east coast.

Although the backbone of King’s instrumental style is reggae, he infuses hip hop and jazz melodies.   Drums, bass, acoustic, and electric guitar form his foundation but his music can infuse anything from hip-hop style samples to classical strings.  It is this no limit approach that has given King Ilabash an uncanny ability to reach across cultural boundaries in a way few others can.  To further strengthen his artistic vision, King Ilabash formed The Royal Connection Band, a multi-cultural band, in 2002.  The band consists of keyboardist, a guitarist, a drummer and a bassist.

On stage, this electric entertainer presents an exciting performance to be enjoyed by music lovers from all walks of life.  King’s originality and authenticity has turned the heads of even the most skeptical audiences, earning him a large and diverse fan base.  It is only a matter of time until the world recognizes this talent and is moved by this Caribbean phenomenon”.


About Rasta teacher

The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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