Majek Fashek / Victor Essiet and the Mandators – Nigeria

These two artists was a reggae suggestion from Tammy Nance on July 26:

“I am a great reggae fan and as I look through your blog you have so many great things but you don’t have any Nigerian artists such as Victor Essiet and the Mandators or Majek Fashek. I would love to see them on here too. Could you please post there stuff in the near future? Thank you for your time.”

Thank you so much for adding a post about Victor Essiet and Majek Fashek. Victor Essiet was the one who started up the reggae revolution in Nigeria. Majek was in Victor Essiet’s band and that is where he got his start. Majek was a lead guitarist in Victor Essiet’s band The Mandators back then. Majek was unknown at that time. Victor Essiet has a blog at He has his biography on the blog if you would like to check him out more.

Thanks and One Love,

I have to say i love Majek Fashek (The Rainmaker) and have listened to the great music and he was a huge reggae influence in the 80s and 90s before he left for the US. I´ll post my favourite tune of his. Victor Essiet and the Mandators was new to me so thanks for that one.

Perfect love

Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek at facebook

Victor Essiet and the Mandators

“The meaning of this song is for people not to be discouraged by the way the system (government) opperates and effects us as a people. But rather we should push ahead to try to achieve things for ourselves and are families. Not be bullied by the buliies. So GET UP STAND UP DONT LET THE SYSTEM KEEP YOU DOWN”. – Victor Essiet

Check out Victor´s MySpace or facebook


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One Response to Majek Fashek / Victor Essiet and the Mandators – Nigeria

  1. Nelly says:

    I am a reggea fan too and when I listen to the music done by nigerian reggea artists in the past, I only wish they can come back. I advice that all our reggea artists of that time Mandators, Majek, Ras Kimono, Oris Wilikki, Evi Edna you can all come together to do just one piece of song for nigeria. We need it in our present situation

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