Inword / Marky Lyrical – Canada

The following is a reggae suggestion from Riddim Wise Sound

Keep Canada conscious!

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“Mark Mahoney was born in the town of London, Ontario in Canada. From a young age, he showed a strong passion for music and the arts. So much that he auditioned for Lester B. Pearson school for the arts in 1988 and was accepted. It was in high school where he found a deep affinity for reggae and world music listening to the revolutionary thought provoking lyrics of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh & Steel Pulse. He was fascinated by the offbeat rhythm and structure of reggae and decided to try some of his material in the reggae “One Drop” style. He fell in love and was eager to learn more about this unique genre. He started his first reggae band called “The Invigorators” which later evolved into the band “Milk & Honey”, apply of his name Mark Mahoney. Milk & Honey recorded a self titled album in 2001 in Nelson B.C which quickly spread amongst fans and friends in the Kootenay community. Milk & Honey played world reggae festival “Koots Roots” in the same year.

In 2002, he attended Montreal Concordia University in the religious studies program. The further exploration of religion and spirituality echoed in the theme of his song writing and he started the band “Inword” in 2003. Inword has performed at Koots Roots festival 2007, Montreal International Reggae festival 2008, Transamazoniennes Fest in French Guyana in 2011, opened for reggae legend Clinton Fearon, roots group Midnite, singer Tarrus Riley and Ziggy Marley at the Montreal International Jazz fest in 2012.

Inword’s first album “One Seed” was released independently in 2005. One Seed was followed by the album “Purify” in 2009. Purify was a more professional album due to better production and the change of the drum and bass section. Montreal drummer “Jahsun”, known locally for the musical improvisation group Kalmunity was a welcomed addition to the band as well as seasoned reggae bass player Neil “Bass One” Benskin. With these excellent musicians as well as the extremely talented Joseph Shanahan on keyboards and Mark Mahoney on vocal and guitar, Inword as gained a loyal following in Montreal with a solid reputation.

In 2011 Mark Mahoney also known as “Jah Faith” and as “Marky Lyrical” since 2012 (due to the fact that another artist was already named jah faith) recorded the “Secret Revolutionary Mixtape”. A collection of reggae and dancehall songs working with producers from Montreal, Austria and Jamaica. This album was an experiment in more electronically produced reggae rhythms as opposed to the raw roots approach of Inword. He has now released two single under the name “Marky Lyrical” first one called “Strive” and second one “Be Mine” both produced by Montreal renowned producers “Riddim Wise” who also produced five tracks on the Secret Revolutionary Mixtape.” (Riddim Wise Sound –

Whole album


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