OneChot / Venezuela

Juan David Chacón or Onechot (homepage) MySpace, is a reggae artist (also a member of the band Negus Nagast) with a dedication to spreading messages of peace.

“On the night of Monday, February 27, 2012, on returning to pick up some of his recorded material, Onechot was attacked by a group of criminals who shot him, wounding him in the head. Tuesday was meant to see the artist begin his national tour of his new album, however, due to the incident he has been in intensive care following surgery to remove the bullet from his brain.

Onechot recorded a video called Rotten Town, denouncing the violence in Venezuela. The lyrics of his music describes the situation:

Let me introduce you to Caracas, embassy of hell, land of murderers and shottas. Hundred people die every week, we nuh live in war, country is full of freaks

In 2011 alone 19,000 people were killed in Venezuela, a country that has 28 million inhabitants and is not currently facing a war on drugs such as in Mexico or an armed conflict currently affecting Colombia. In 2008, Venezuela had one of the highest homicide rates in the world and the situation has not improved. This is the crisis that Onechot reported on in his video that at the time was criticised by the Venezuelan Government” Read more here

Have patience or jump one minute into the video. This will make you think!

Rotten town

Please visit his homepage for more music, lyrics and much more

and a tune together vid Fidel Nadal (see separate post)


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The two most important things in life are love and music. I would almost say that they are the same; love is life and life is music. Perfect love!
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