The aim of this blog is to give a short presentation about different reggae artists and their lives and music. If the name of the artist is highlighted it means that i have linked it to their official homepage.

Since music is the most high and Reggae my favorite music I thought I would try and gather great reggae music from around the world, known and unknown artists.

So please if you have a reggae suggestion that is not found here please send it to my suggestion box.

La meta de este blog es compartir música reggae y tratar de juntar reggae de todas partes del mundo en un lugar para que los reggae aficionados encuentren nueva música. Si puedo voy a dar una breve presentación de los artístas y un enlace a sus páginas de web. Si quires ayudar me, por favor deja una sugerencia de grupos o cantatntes de reggae en “reggeae suggestions” arriba.


An historical perspective will also be given with explanations about how the music genre Reggae appeared and developed. There will also be explanations of words with specific meaning often used in reggae music.


I’ll accredit you when I post a suggestion with a link to your blog or webpage.

Since I also happen to stumble on great artists and nice music from different countries or with ties to some of the 56 African countries, The plan is to create a similar blog but focusing on music produced or with ties to these 56 African countries because there are other types of great music out there.

Until that happens here is some music from the 55 countries of Africa for the people that can access Spotify for free available in  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Norway, United Kingdom and Finland. you can also go directly to my Spotify profile for all my playlists.

The good thing about Spotify is that they will pay the artist/record label a penny every time their song is played. Also a good way to find new artists so that we can buy their music at concerts we go to or on their webpages. Support the artists!!!

Spotify Playlists:

Africa, west, east and south (soft)

Africa 2000 on the move (All styles 55 countries music explosion )

Beautiful Africa (Soft, soft, soft) (55 countries)

Hip Hop Africa (one continent – 55 counties)

Africa Reggae (one continent 55 countries)

Africa Blues (Mostly Mali region)


Africa/Europe dance (Two continents many countries)

East Africa

Tiken Jah Fakoly

Alpha Blondy

Africa (whole albums)

Here are also some reggae playlists on Spotify

A) Stand up and fight, Never give up

Gammal hederlig Reggae

LOVE songs, broken, true, stolen…all REGGAE of course

All reggae until 2010 from roots to dancehall

Reggae in your face

Enough is enough (Reggae) World gone crazy

Conscious reggae

Roots Reggae Modern and Old

David roots

Positive – Musik med niceness och glädje!

Uppsala Reggae Festival 2011

Babylon fall

Rasta music


Who, What, When, Why…?


Mother Earth

Reggae gems found 2011

Jah Mason 


Lutan Fyah

Kapten Röd 

Queen Ifrica

Morgan Heritage 

Anthony B Lutan Fyah

Richie Spice


Duane,Tarrus I octane

Reggae – Svenskt

Bob Marley old school

Roots De Guyane

Perfect love and good listening,

Rasta Teacher


11 Responses to About

  1. xandimusic says:

    Hey Ras! I added you to my blogroll and follow now!! Great idea, will recome often!! And thanks for stumble up? great, if you share 🙂
    Peace and greetings

    • Thanks to you for the idea 🙂
      The link is up. tell i if you want it like this or if you want your blog name or something else

    • Feel free to pick what you want. Just link back to https://aworldofreggae.com/
      Perfect love

      • xandimusic says:

        thanks Ras 🙂
        there’s a quote you should read: http://perspicaciouspaper.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/29/
        maybe you already know it, but it’s nice!

      • Celina says:

        I think Spotify is primarily a saicol music site, adn I see the appeal, but if you don’t want to pay $60-120 a year for it, then it’s a tough sell given no streaming music.Google Music, on the other hand (while SLOW to load) is a good pair with iTunes. You can Manage your local library on iTunes and use all the functionality theirin while on your primary device (your PC) but use Google Music to use it on your android and other peripheral devices. The Music Manager will keep the two in sync and all you need to do is decide which files to keep locally. You’ll have access to your whole library streaming and the bits you pick and choose can stay local on your phone or tablet. For me, who has over 60 GB of music (not to mention nearly the same in video) that I’ve collected over the last 10 years, while I can see the appeal of a 15 million track library t my disposal, I’m not quite ready to shell out $10 a month for new music. I’d rather pay new musicians and old musicians directly (albeit through the record label) for their work by buying the albums I want. I know it’s old fashioned, but it seems like iTunes and Google Music paired is the best combo for me. (Not to mention that iTunes is the only program that will work with the 3 Airport Expresses I have connected to different speakers in the house.)

      • Where I live Spotify is fast. It also made me found Music. especially from many African countries and jump from one artist to another and so discover new artists. I move around a lot and don’t have my own computer so the Spotify account I can access from any computer all over the world. So I agree with you if you only listen at home. But how do you take it with you when travelling (without mobile since I swich country?
        At the time Spotify started it was free where I got it.

        I just make some good music available for those who want to try. I believe it is completely free the first month. Then free with the limitation of many time you can play one specific tune in a month but free otherwise, exepct with commercial breaks.

        Peace my friend and fellow living music loving being

        P.s i am old enough to have both LPs and CDs and had no computer when the Mp3s came. I prefer to buy music directly at a concert from the muscicians themselves. That way I know they get the money.

  2. So true

    “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.”

    A. J. Muste

  3. offdadome says:

    like the concept of your blog!!!

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