Just a reminder. Africa is a great continent with 56 countries, thousands of different cultures, home of one of the oldest universities in the world but also modern.

This is the Africa they never show you:

Now, these are some of my favorite African musicians in many different music styles:


Victor Démé – Djon Maya


Magic System – Premiere Gau


Habib Koité – Kumbin

Viex Farka Toure – Slow jam


Carlou D – Sene Regal

Youss N´Dour – Birima

Daby Balde – Waino Blues

Omar Pene & Le Super Diamono – Silmaxa (this is a great Mbalax tune)

Sister Fa

Pape & Cheikh – Mariama

Orchestra Baobab – Aduna Jaruul (1970)

Cheickh Lo – Set


Proverb – Stop think ( Say Something)


Remmy Ongala – I want to go home / Narudi Nyumbani 1988


Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi – Neria

Thomas Mapfuno –  Kuvarira Mukati/ Suffer in Silence

PLAYLISTS ON SPOTIFY with music from Africa’s 56 countries

These are some of my playlist with several hundreds of songs on Spotify free(available in  Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Faroe Islands, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, USA, France, Holland, Norway, United Kingdom and Finland) In these countries you can listen for free and and a small sum goes to the artist every time you listen.

Africa, west, east and south (soft)

Africa 2000 on the move (All styles 55 countries music explosion )

Beautiful Africa (Soft, soft, soft) (55 countries)

Hip Hop Africa (one continent – 55 counties)

Africa Reggae (one continent 55 countries)

Africa Blues (Mostly Mali region)



3 Responses to Africa

  1. Joe Hero says:

    hi am a reggae artist from the gambia and i just want to know if i can be featured in tour blog my band is the roots bongo band please the link is above.
    blessed love.
    Joe Hero.

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