Majek Fashek / Victor Essiet and the Mandators – Nigeria

These two artists was a reggae suggestion from Tammy Nance on July 26:

“I am a great reggae fan and as I look through your blog you have so many great things but you don’t have any Nigerian artists such as Victor Essiet and the Mandators or Majek Fashek. I would love to see them on here too. Could you please post there stuff in the near future? Thank you for your time.”

Thank you so much for adding a post about Victor Essiet and Majek Fashek. Victor Essiet was the one who started up the reggae revolution in Nigeria. Majek was in Victor Essiet’s band and that is where he got his start. Majek was a lead guitarist in Victor Essiet’s band The Mandators back then. Majek was unknown at that time. Victor Essiet has a blog at He has his biography on the blog if you would like to check him out more.

Thanks and One Love,

I have to say i love Majek Fashek (The Rainmaker) and have listened to the great music and he was a huge reggae influence in the 80s and 90s before he left for the US. I´ll post my favourite tune of his. Victor Essiet and the Mandators was new to me so thanks for that one.

Perfect love

Majek Fashek

Majek Fashek at facebook

Victor Essiet and the Mandators

“The meaning of this song is for people not to be discouraged by the way the system (government) opperates and effects us as a people. But rather we should push ahead to try to achieve things for ourselves and are families. Not be bullied by the buliies. So GET UP STAND UP DONT LET THE SYSTEM KEEP YOU DOWN”. – Victor Essiet

Check out Victor´s MySpace or facebook

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Jah Mason – Evilous System 2012

Check out the new tune and official video of Jah Mason’s new video.

The world is full of opression and it is time to take a stand and live with truth and mutual respect!



Jah Mason scores major hit with ‘Evilous System’

“Rastafarian reggae star Jah Mason has scored a major reggae hit in Europe with the single Evilous System.

“The song is creating waves over here in Europe, in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Amsterdam. Everywhere I go and perform the song, I get crazy forwards, especially because of what the people are facing here in Europe in terms of financial hardships, and the injustices that they face in their own societies,” Jah Mason said in a release.

André ‘Jah Mason’ Johnson is known for the hit single My Princess Gone, and he has emerged as one of the most highly rated young reggae deejays in reggae music today.”

From Jamaican Star Aug 12


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Hassan Salis Link Man / Ghana

This new reggae artist was an inside tip from my brethren Humble Lion about one of his musicians in Ghana. Hassan Salis Linkman can be found on facebook (just click on his name). He is a multilingual roots reggae artist with a new album called Culprits and Victims, and he is backed by The Global System.

I here present to you tunes only found on Soundcloud. This is some really nice roots reggae music.

This is my favourite one but track 1, 2 and ten are also wicked!

and a tune in French

or listen to the whole album

Thanks for this one Humble Lion.

Perfect Love!

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Jhikoman / Tanzania

Here is a reggae artist with his own unique sound.

Jhikoman (MySpace click his name) is the best known Tanzanian reggae artist. His lyrics in English and Kiswahili and unique singing style have been touching people since 1994. For Jhiko music presents an opportunity to raise awareness about social oppression and injustice. It also provides a medium for communicating messages of peace, love and unity.

On his latest album Chikondi, Jhiko Manyika keeps exploring, combining roots reggae with acoustic African sounds. The album was realised in collaboration with other international artists including Baran M. from Kurdistan, Khalid Salih from Sudan, Uriel Seri from Ivory Coast, Thorbjørn Holte, Geir Inge Storli, Henrik Johnsen and “Jacob” from Norway, OnRebel G from Mexico and Sister Yana from Brazil. The journey continues for Jhiko Manyika to compose songs in a unique style without boundaries, a product of continued spiritual searching and musical experimentation.


Nyerere (The name of the first Tanzanian president in case you had forgotten his name)

If you like him and live in the Spotify countries, here are his three full albums:


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Jah Cure – Concert photos from Sweden 2012

This gallery contains 74 photos.

This is what the start of the European spring tour looked like Photos owned by Rasta Photo Concerts (all photos are copyrighted) Gallery with more photos is also available on Rasta Photo facebook as well as more artists. Please click any photo for … Continue reading

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Norrisman – 3 New albums out 2012

This gallery contains 34 photos.

With an artist like Norrisman, who has been along for almost two decades now, you never know what to expect. At least he is highly innovative and definitively has his own style. He remains a strong Rastafarian and even though … Continue reading

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Zvuloon Dub System / Israel

I was glad to get a reggae suggestion from the country of Israel. Lets hope that reggae music can bring love and peace to this place.

Although playing since 2006 Zvuloon Dub System (taken its name from one of the 12 tribes of Israel) just relased their debut album Freedom Time (listen to the album here Or check out their homepage or like them on facebook

Here is a sample from ther album Freedom Time – Lion of Judah

Continue reading

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Youss & DDR band / Algeria

This French Algerian artist/band was a reggae suggestion from Bastien who wrote:

I wanted to introduce you a reggae artist from Algeria called Youss (myspace). Previously performing with a well known Hip-Hop-Reggae band “Intik”, Youss has turned himself to reggae music. He is singing in arabic and french.

Here is a different sound of reggae. Enjoy!

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Lucky Dube – Different colors/One people

This is the song we all should be singing.

Lets take this seed planted in South Africa and spread it all over the world

Your music lives on, Bless

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Fyah Quesi / Netherlands – Ghana

It is time for a reggae suggestion. Thanx Aquasi for bringing the light on Fyah Quesi(MySpace). Not much I can find out about this artist exept that he is most likely located in the Netherlands/Holland and judging from the flags on his sleeve I’d say that he has a Ghanaian connection.


No Marionettes


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